We are the only operating farm still in existence on Eagle Road. One by one all of the small farms have been replaced by subdivisions and other rural development. Just think back to all of the old barns we would pass on our daily commute across the Treasure Valley. They’re mostly gone now. We take for granted the experience of growing up on a small farm, learning to care for animals and putting in a day of hard work. Few kids will grow up this way. Those who don’t should have the opportunity to visit a small farm at least once a year and experience a taste of what farm life is all about.

Twin Oaks Farms is an operating farm located in Eagle, Idaho. Our primary crops consist of corn, wheat, potatoes, and pumpkins. We raise highlander cattle, horses, rabbits and an array of other animals.

At Twin Oaks Farms, we are supplementing our farm income with Agritourism.

Agritourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any agriculturally-based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. For us, this is a win-win. We are all about families and preserving the culture that we grew up in. The additional revenue generated by our annual events, in conjunction with the farming and cattle operation income will allow us to preserve this pristine 180 acres of prime farmland for generations to come. Please support our events and help us keep the only operating farm on Eagle Road out of the hands of developers.

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